This Heritage Foundation aims to safeguard treasures of French heritage.

They noted the extent of the deterioration of the “Château de Vigny” and helped us by participating in its restoration. The castel was deemed by Mission Bern to be one of 251 priority sites and this project provided financial assistance in the amount of 162,000 euros.

The castel will still generate a significant investment of around 6,782 million euros.

The foundation values heritage through three major issues :

To facilitate cultural transmission.

To promote the attractiveness of territories.

To preserve the know-how and promote social integration



The “Chateau de Vigny” is also part of the group of the Historical Buildings since early June 2019.

The Demeure Historique was founded in 1924 and was recognized as a public utility in 1965. It federates and represents a network of owner-managers of more than 3,000 classified or listed historical monuments, as well as remarkable gardens and residences.

The Foundation for Historical Monuments was created in 2008 and was placed under the auspices of the Fondation de France: thanks to the support of patrons and donors, the Foundation supports historic monuments, registered or classified, private or public, by attributing financial aid each year to restoration projects and disability accessibility.

Its mission is articulated around four main axes: Preserve, Transmit, Share, Innovate




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