The castel of Vigny as well as the communals are enrolled at the historical monument since 1984. The park is classified. Selected among the 250 sites considered priority for the Bern Mission during the first edition. 

It is possible to participate in the rescue of the castle in several ways.

Be part of the club « the patrons of Vigny ». Become a patron for the preservation of the castle of Vigny will allow you to live a unique experience through a multi-year program: monitoring program of the evolution of work with interventions on sites, dinners, catalogs …


In the “Val d’Oise”, 45 km from Paris, is the castle of Vigny located in the town of the same name. This castle gives off an extraordinary atmosphere full of history and memory. Indeed, this castel dating from the XVth century belonged to the great families of France (the family of Amboise, the family of Montmorency, the family of Rohan). Among the most illustrious, we can quote Henri II, Louis XIII, Richelieu, Adolphe Tiers, …

In addition to the impressive castle, this latter counts about ten communs classified historical monuments “the house of the County”, the greenhouses quite unique, …

In a more contemporary historical dimension, the “Château de Vigny” was also the filming place of about forty films, some of which were very illustrious … The “Barbouzes” was almost entirely shot there. The burlesque “we found the 7th company” and many others.

The Château de Vigny is today in a state of peril. All of the outbuildings are in a state of ruin. The castle itself, as well as the mansion of life County, all of them from the XVIth century are in process of rescue “in extremis”.

Indeed, it was abandoned for fifteen years, a new host, much less funny, settled there and took a “squatting expansion” of the most important: the dry rot … It is a vast project for this castle which contains more than 160 rooms.

Although the outer shell does not give the impression, the situation is catastrophic.






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